Front side of the 5.5H Power Vac

Positive Displacement Pump

Positive Displacement Pump

The 5.5H Power Vac is our medium duty sampler.

The 5.5H features a quality 5.5hp recoil start Honda gas engine that can sample bins up to 60 feet in height, flat storage, farm bins, and grain piles. Because the 5.5H is smaller and lighter than our other models, it works very well for cleaning and vacuuming farm machinery and bins.


  • Heavy duty two wheel cart frame
  • A Wye strainer and Cartridge dust filter keep the pump intake air clean
  • High quality 5.5 hp Honda gas engine with recoil start allows sampling depths up to 60ft
  • Movable cyclone receiver and plastic sample pitcher
Movable Cyclone

Movable Cyclone Receiver

5.5H Engine

5.5hp Honda engine features hour meter and tachometer