Hose Reel

Hose Reel (hose not included)

Bag & Probes

Probe Section Carrying Bag & Threaded Aluminum Probe Sections

The following component parts are available for the 9HES and 5.5H PORT-A-PROBE models.

  • Threaded Aluminum Probe Sections - 4 ft.
    • High tensile aluminum strength
  • Threaded Aluminum Intake Tip - 4 in.
    • High tensile aluminum strength
  • T Clamp (Lever Yoke)
  • Gear Jack (for sampling over 80 ft. depth)
  • Probe Section Carrying Bag - Vinyl fabric, capacity of about 13 probe sections
  • Hose with Connectors - 50 ft. length
  • Hose Reel - 300 ft. capacity
  • Plastic receiver pitcher

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Intake Tip

Threaded Aluminum Intake Tip


T Clamp (Lever Yoke)