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Porta-Probe Model 9HES



The 9HES is our heavy-duty Power Vac that is used in all types of bins - small farm bins, large flat storage structures and bins more than 120 ft. high. Features include a powerful top-quality 9hp Honda engine with electric start, a positive displacement vacuum pump and a moveable cyclone receiver. Also included are the Hose Reel (300 ft capacity) and an Intake Tip.


The PORT-A-PROBE is a unique portable vacuum grain sampler that utilizes a positive displacement vacuum pump, a moveable cyclone receiver and aluminum machine threaded probe sections.

An important tool for managing grain storage, samples are taken when the grain is not moving. Its identity is preserved. Multiple samples can be taken from the top to the bin floor. Management can make the best decision when fresh samples are taken at this critical control point.

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Porta-Probe Model 5.5H



Port-a-ProbeThe 5.5H is designed to sample bins up to a height of 60 ft. The recoil start Honda engine drives a smaller positive displacement vacuum pump and has the same moveable cyclone receiver as the 9HES. Also included is an Intake Tip